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Multi-gaming clan

vykyng a posted Jul 23, 11
We are now officially a multi-gaming clan. I am continuing recruitment for battlefield.play4free. Blackiechan is in charge of league of legends and I still lead quakelive with Coranoben. I would like to see more people take place in our IRC channel as well as our ventrilo server.

please direct yourself to mpK! for teh REAL site.
kthnxbye. ca4v4 cup

vykyng a posted Jan 18, 11


yeah never mind.. didn't happen.

Random update.

vykyng a posted Jan 2, 11

I've been extremely busy with my band and searching for jobs. Quake live now allows everyone to see the current roster and I'm going to try and create a clan sub search engine aside from the quake live site so that everyone can see current rosters of each clan. 

Our Current Roster

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